Monday, April 14, 2008

Yes they are images of famous politicians, but that's not the point. I forget sometimes that one the best parts about the job is being able to document history as it happens. Which doesn't occur all that much working for a community newspaper.


James Robinson said...

These are some nice frames but don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because it does not have national ramifications that it does not matter.
I have seen each one of these photographs countless times on the wire. The third image seems to be "the picture" because it ran in every different paper from the Gettysburg Times to the Patriot News.
That does not take away from there importance but on the same hand it does, this part of history is well documented, your community is not, it is our job as community journalist to tell the stories of the people who actually make up America not just the figure heads "running" the place.
Just my 2 cents

Matthew Harris said...

Don't worry I'm not falling into any trap, I know the importance of documenting my community. I know the third image was "the it" image, i should of explained the history part better. I just find it wonderful to be able to document the first time that a woman or a African-American will have the chance to run for president on a major party ticket, that's all. It's something that 200 years from now will probably be a jeopardy question since Alex Trabeck will never die.